Windows 2012 RDMA Storage Options


We currently use Solaris and or Linux ZFS storage. We prefer to use SRP but I would be open to using other RDMA options

But… by the looks of it, all the OFED storage mechanisms aren’t supported any more in windows (SRP, iSER etc…) ?

I can see something with SMB3 “Direct” for windows2012 but I can’t see that I can use a Solaris/Linux based target for this ??

How can I get fast RDMA storage into windows from Linux or Solaris ???

Regards, Daniel

Assuming your adapters are capable of using Infiniband or RoCE - try using samba 4.0 (supports SMB-direct) that shares filesystem between Linux & Windows

It is an open source implementation of SMB and may meet your needs. see more on that in the article below