SMB Direct

I am trying to utilize SMB Direct ( SMB over RDMA) on some of my Windows 2012 severs using IB. Does anyone have any directions, links, or advice?

What is the problem?

Did you look here?

Right now I have the servers connected back to back. The servers have pci gen 3x8. I followed these directions Archived MSDN and TechNet Blogs | Microsoft Docs Archived MSDN and TechNet Blogs | Microsoft Docs to setup SMB Direct. I do a drag and drop copy and maybe get 3 Gbps for a second then under 1 Gbps.

There are some helpful links there, but it mostly talks about RoCE.

I have to servers with connect x-3 cards. They have SMB multichannel and SMB Direct enabled. From some of the directions I’ve seen that is pretty much the extent of the configuration. I copy over 60GB of data, but I’m only seeing maybe 4 Gbps transfer.

Can you share the configuration, connectivity and so on.

Are the servers connected back to back? what is the topology?

Are the servers with PCI gen 3 x8? Tuned to performance?




it should be better,

make sure that RDMA is running.

Try to follow this post, and send your feedback.

HowTo Configure RoCE in Windows Environment (Global Pause)