ConnectX4 LX: High Idle power consumption despite every requirement on

I am testing on a W680 system with Mellanox 4 LX MCX4121A-ACAT, on Linux 6.5 kernel (Proxmox).

Without the card, the system is at 6.5-7.5 W idle. With the card and nothing connected to its ports, it goes up to 19.5-20.5 W. Plus an extra 1W with a single10Gbit DAC in and the interface up.

ASPM L1 is enabled. The system remains 99% in C10 state. I even enabled auto power save on link down. mlxconfig -e q shows no other deviation from the defaults. Firmware is up to date. Card is sitting in a x4 slot. So while I am able to have pretty much everything enabled, I am still loosing 13-14W. Is this normal with this card? Per the spec, power consumption should typically be 8.9 and max 10.7. And I think that assumes both ports. I saw others reported passive usage as low as 6 W.

Any hints on what could be wrong here?

Hello dawidwrobel,

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The ConnectX-4 Lx does not have power save capabilities.

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