Connot connect cameras using PCiE USB


We have AGX Orin with AverMedia D315 Carrier board. We wanted to connect 4 USB 3.0 cameras, so we used StarTech PCIe 2.0 x4 - 4x USB 3.0 (PEXUSB3S44V). It works fine. However, when we wanted to prepare the same setup with the same hardware it didn’t work. We narrowed down differences in setup to different revisions of PCIe card - the old one has revision 6X2B, and the new one has 7X2B. Those revisions are different in a PCIe bridge - the old one has Pericom PI7C9X111SL, and the new one has Pericom PI7C9X2G608GP. Since we can’t get any PCIe card with Pericom PI7C9X111SL, we are stuck. Can we resolve the issue eg. with the kernel setting or any other way?
I attach listings from lspci

on the left is the working card, listed as device 8608, and on the right not working.

It seems to be an issue in the PCIe card. Are you able to use the working card?

We tested 3 other 7X2B PCIe cards and only the card mentioned earlier worked. We also tested those cards with different computers to rule out them not working and they worked fine.

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