Contacting problem


I’m using PhysX 3.2 for simulating robot grasping.
The problem is that grippers which have convex-mesh just pass through other dynamic objects (convex-mesh or Box shape) no matter slow I’m trying to make the contact.

The grippers are dynamic objects, connected to ‘kinematic’ axis object (which doesn’t have any shape) by PhysXRevoluteJoint. So we move the grippers by controlling the kinematic axis, and grasp by controlling the revolute joint by velocity.

I can push the other objects by the gripper, but when I try to grab something between two grippers, they eventually pass through the other objects.

Any idea or advice for this problem?

Does the object slip out of the grippers or do the grippers really pass through. For the former it might help to increase the friction of the shape material and make sure material restitution is 0. For the latter it might help to make the grippers thicker (are they very thin?) and/or increase the solver iteration count.

Thx Michael,

We tried high iteration count but no help.

It’s the latter. We’re using inch, so the thickness is like 0.1~0.05.
Does the object thickness also matter? It’s thinner than the gripper one.

Is using convex-mesh a bad idea? I’m thinking of all the possibilities.