Context validates but doesn't launch

Hello everyone (probably Detlef:P)

Any ideas on why a context validates but throws exception at launch? I’ve even put a try-catch statement but it seems that the exception cannot be caught. Has anyone noticed this behavior?
In fact, I think that it doesn’t run launch() at all, i.e. checkError() inside launch() doesn’t get called.

I completely changed my code base, and followed the samples, creating a single mesh for a loaded 3D file.
While the context validates, it doesn’t launch, throwing an error before launching. I say before launching because I believe that rtContextLaunch2D never finishes, and the error comes from the optix.51.dll.
Could that have something to do with my drivers or something?

I updated my 1050’s drivers, and I also re-installed OptiX 5.1, the behaviour is still the same.
However, other OptiX programs, like the samples, run fine.

Thanks in advance :)

It’s not possible to say what’s going on with that information.
If the precompiled OptiX 5.1.0 SDK examples work and your application doesn’t then you need to figure out what you’re doing differently.

The GeForce 1050 is pretty entry level and migth not be able to handle your workload.

When reporting issue please always include exact and complete version numbers for all software involved:
OS version, Installed GPU(s), display driver version, OptiX version (major.minor.micro), CUDA toolkit version used to compile your CUDA sources to PTX, host compiler version.

Always read the OptiX Release Notes before setting up a development environment for OptiX. Not all combinations of OptiX, CUDA toolkit, and host compiler are supported.

Hi Detlef,

Firstly, thank you for answering.
Actually, I had a lot of code pasted in the issue, but while troubleshooting I figured that that code wasn’t gonna give any info on the matter, and I removed it.
In fact everything was fine until I pulled my Project at Home and suddenly nothing ran. So I wanted to know if anyone had any issues like that (i.e. context validating just fine, but throwing exception at launch).
Generally, because the Project I am working on is at an infant state, I load mostly low-polygon meshes.
Anyway, I started from top (:)) and everything is fine now. I apologize for not being specific about the underlying hardware and software.

Thanks again :)