Need help with launch error

Since yesterday I keep getting errors that I can’t pin down. I even reverted some of the code changes I made. That plus some restarting Unity and/or rebooting usually fixes any issues of this kind. Right now I am stumped though.

The error I am getting is:

Optix context error : Unknown error (Details: Function “_rtContextLaunch1D” caught exception: Encountered a rtcore error: m_api.pipelineCreate( context, pipelineOptions, compileOptions, modules, moduleCount, pipeline ) returned (8): Link error)

And then various other issues when I try to re-run. But this one is always the first.

Any idea what this could be related to? I am fairly sure that I am not leaking. I destroy my context after use and any buffers I’ve created.

Please always provide this minimal required system configuration information when asking about OptiX issues:
OS version (Windows: issue winver in a cmd prompt), installed GPU(s), display driver version, OptiX version (major.minor.micro), CUDA compiler version used to generate the input PTX, host compiler version.

According to the error message that is not OptiX 7.

  • Has anything changed to the system configuration between before and after the link errors occurred?
    (Esp. driver or maybe Microsoft Windows OS updates.)
  • What SM version did you target in the PTX compilation?
  • What is the maximum scene hierarchy depth (number of acceleration structures from root node to deepest geometry)?
  • Are you using motion blur?

Without minimal and standalone reproducer there is no way to determine what is going on.

Thanks Detlef. Nailed it down. It was a wrong GroupChildCount that snuck in somehow.

Good to hear.
That’s a rather strange error result for an incorrect group child count though.
I would have expected some OptiX validation error before that.

Yeah, me too. Ah well :)