Launch error 719/2

Wasn’t sure if this was better in the old thread or if I should make a new one. Sorry for being spammy. I’ve been at this for weeks now and just don’t want to disgruntle my clients.

Everything runs fine on my machine (through Unity and a 2080 RTX), but it fails on-site at my clients. The two machines that can’t run it both have a 980 TI. I am using the geometryTriangles strategy, so RTX is a must, but my understanding is that this should still work (though slower) with a 980/TI.

I tried different configurations and even a small sample scene that is basically empty. This also works on my machine, but fails at my clients. (Pretty much just a context and an empty ray gen program)

The error messages I am getting are, for the prod solution:

OptixException: Optix context error : Unknown error (Details: Function “_rtContextLaunch2D” caught exception: Encountered a CUDA error: cudaDriver().CuEventSynchronize( m_event ) returned (719): Launch failed)

and for the test scene

OptixException: Optix context error : Unknown error (Details: Function “_rtContextLaunch1D” caught exception: Encountered a rtcore error: m_exports->rtcDeviceContextCreateForCUDA( context, properties, devctx ) returned (2): Invalid device context)

I searched through here and google, even Cuda related issues (as one error message points that way). Drivers are up to date, however I just saw that Windows 10 hasn’t been updated in a while. One in their office managed to run it on Win7 with recent drivers. I also installed the Optix 6 SDK on one machine, no change.

Possible issues I thought about:

  • I know that they remote into at least one of the machines, so I don’t know if team viewer has anything to do with it.
  • Includes: post compilation, are the included header files etc. still needed? (I don’t have a c/c++ background)
  • The windows version being 1803 from April 2018

The computing capabilities of the 1 device returns 5 and 2.

Hi @tjaenichen,

When you said “One in their office managed to run it on Win7 with recent drivers” that means your OptiX program ran successfully with Win7 + a 980 TI, but the same machine & GPU doesn’t work with Win10?

Are you getting the same errors on these machines running the OptiX precompiled samples? When you installed the SDK, did you try building & running the samples?

The 980TI should run OptiX 6 just fine, that’s a Maxwell GPU, and my laptop with a mobile Maxwell runs just fine. My laptop’s compute capability is 5 0, lower than your clients’ machine. I have a 980TI here, so I’ll just verify today that the OptiX SDK samples run for me on Win10-Pro-64 with current drivers.

BTW, thank you for making a new thread.


Hi David,

thanks a lot for your insights. I couldn’t compile on that one machine I had access to, but I did copy the samples over there and they ran without any problems. So it’s not fixed yet, but I think I can narrow it down a lot.

What kept me baffled was that I started developing this on my laptop which really doesn’t have much 3d capabilities. But I think I am on the right track now and that it has to do with some memory/buffer management.

As a .Net programmer memory is usually nothing to be concerned about and with everything more obscure excluded and the SDK samples running I’ll have another look at this.

Btw, except for this case I find the Optix error messages extremely helpful, they really helped a lot.

Again, thanks!