Controlling a quadruple robot with a web app hosted on jetson nano?


I am getting started with jetson nano for my project. I have read various topics regarding remote access but could not find something that could help me in this matter.

Webapp will consist of commands like move forward or backward and speed increase or decrease.
Jetson will be dealing with robot already.

Can anyone tell me how can i host a webapp on jetson nano for controlling the movement of robot?

Hi MAinCS, aside from using robotics frameworks like Isaac or ROS which support remote connectivity, you could install an open-source web server on Nano, for example creating a Python Flask service. This could allow you to connect the web page with the backend commands for controlling your robot (e.g. through Python). In general, the web side should not be much different on Nano than from other platforms.

If i host webapp on jetson nano, will it be possible to control robot with this webapp without internet?