JetRacer with Jetson nano, Web control and SLAM?

I am a beginner developer who started studying ROS for 2 months now.

I have purchased the JetRacer ROS AI kit and have successfully run all the examples.
However, I’m uncertain about how to initiate web control.

The robot is equipped with Jetpack 4.5 installed on the SD card, and
I control it remotely using a virtual machine with Ubuntu 18.04 on VMware.

I tried to establish a web server using ROSlibjs with Node.js,
but I faced difficulties as the installation requires Ubuntu version 20 or higher.

I just want to delete everything and install Ubuntu 20.
After installing Ubuntu 20 on VMware and planning to set up a basic development environment,
what should I install next and where can I find the installation list?

I need to control and display RPLIDAR A1, CAMERA, KEYBOARD CONTROL in website.
Dear experts, I seek your advice. Thank you.

Suggest to check JetRacer ROS AI Kit Tutorial VIII: Start the Camera Node - Waveshare Wiki and GitHub - composiv/jetracer_example

Thank you for the response.
Is there a way to embed camera image, keyboard buttons, and rviz screen simultaneously into an HTML interface, allowing me to design it?

We don’t have much experience on that, you may need to ask question at those githubs.

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