Converting an .etlt to .engine Is deterministic?

Hi Ive been exporting tao trained yolov4 with tao-converter:

./tao-converter -k key -d 3,480,864 -p Input,1x3x480x864,1x3x480x864,1x3x480x864 -e trt_jpk.engine yolov4_resnet18_epoch_010.etlt

how come I use the exact same command twice and get 2 different file sizes? is the converter not determinstic?

It should be deterministic. Is the size different every time?

I tried a couple of times and get different sizes.

After checking, the converter is not deterministic.
So, the result is normal.

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Is it possible to elaborate why this happens?
I want to have 2 engine files on different platforms,
but I want them to be exactly the same.

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It is related to tactic.
If using trtexec to load tactic, it is deterministic.

There will be onnx file available in next release, so user can use trtexec.

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