Convex Decomposition fails with custom objects

Hey, You said that the new version of isaac gym is supporting convex decomposition for collision meshes.
I followed the API, but I am having trouble to generate a detailed collision mesh for my custom object. It seems that only convex hulls are applied when I am checking.
This is my URDF file:

> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <robot name="potted_meat_can">
>   <link name="potted_meat_can">
>     <visual>
>       <origin xyz="0.0 0.0 0.0"/>
>       <geometry>
>         <mesh filename="textured.obj" scale="1 1 1"/>
>       </geometry>
>     </visual>
>     <collision>
>       <origin xyz="0.0 0.0 0.0"/>
>       <geometry>
>         <mesh filename="textured.stl" scale="1 1 1"/>
>       </geometry>
>     </collision>
>     <inertial>
>       <!-- Mass value from the *empty* spam can. Full spam can is 368g -->
>       <mass value="0.026"/> 
>       <inertia ixx="0.0001" ixy="0.0" ixz="0.0" iyy="0.0001" iyz="0.0" izz="0.0001"/>
>     </inertial>
>   </link>
> </robot>

and this is how I try to import the asset :

asset_options_obj = gymapi.AssetOptions()
asset_options_obj.fix_base_link = False # ! important !
asset_options_obj.armature = 0.01
asset_options_obj.disable_gravity = True
asset_options_obj.density = 1000
asset_options_obj.use_mesh_materials = True
asset_options_obj.mesh_normal_mode = gymapi.COMPUTE_PER_VERTEX
asset_options_obj.override_com = True
asset_options_obj.override_inertia = True
asset_options_obj.vhacd_enabled = True
asset_options_obj.vhacd_params = gymapi.VhacdParams()
asset_options_obj.vhacd_params.resolution = 500000

Am I missing something here? This is what I get from the console:

Using VHACD cache directory ‘/home/isaac/.isaacgym/vhacd’
Started convex decomposition for mesh ‘/home/isaac/GraspNet_Models/models_mat/000/textured.stl’
Finished convex decomposition for mesh ‘/home/isaac/GraspNet_Models/models_mat/000/textured.stl’: 1 hulls
open /home/isaac/GraspNet_Models/models_mat/000/textured.obj.hdf5.

I followed the example you provided, and with your objects it works, however when I try to use my own the convex decomposition fails.

Maybe you can help me out here!


actual obj file

very simplified collision mesh I wish would be finer