Optimized Wheel Collision Shape

Hi there, does the current API of the preview version allow to obtain a more accurate approximation of the convex decomposed wheel’s collision shape?

Screenshot from 2022-08-09 08-15-38

Based on the documentation (docs/programming/assets.html#loading-meshes-in-assets), currently I’m using the following asset options:

asset_options = gymapi.AssetOptions()
asset_options.default_dof_drive_mode = gymapi.DOF_MODE_NONE
asset_options.fix_base_link = False
asset_options.angular_damping = 0.0
asset_options.use_mesh_materials = True
asset_options.density = 1000.0 # default link density
asset_options.override_com = True #(re-)compute com based on collision shapes
asset_options.override_inertia = True #(re-)compute inertia based on collision shapes
asset_options.vhacd_enabled = True #convex decomposition

Increasing asset_options.slices_per_cylinder did the job. Thanks @kellyg for the hint!

Hi Julian, you can also use a Cylinder shape approximation for the wheel which will make it smooth. Here is a tutorial which will give more details.

Hi @rchadha that’s a great way of improving the wheel colliders in Isaac SIM, however for the preview version that option is not available (afaik)!

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