Copying Action Graph from one usd to another

I have been working with action graphs in one of projects. I recently started another project (aa new usd). I was wondering if there is a way to copy the action graph from one project to another? The action graph is pretty big and it might take a lot of time replicating it in the new project.

@a.imrantw i am just a fellow OV user, so take my input as a grain of salt. that said, have you already tried the following?

  1. select the ActionGraph prim in original stage (the top of the hierarchy)
  2. Ctrl+C or RMB+Copy Prim
  3. create a new stage
  4. Ctrl+V or RMB+Paste Prim inside the destination stage

and my suggestion is to double check your graph and hook up relevant stage prims again to ensure everything works with the new graph after the fact.

Hello @Simplychenable
Thank you so much for the suggestion. That was the first instinct I had when i was trying to duplicate the action graph. But unfortunately it doesn’t work. Or maybe I am doing it wrong. Does it work for you?