RFE: ActionGraph - copy/paste existing nodes

When setting up graphs, and configuring nodes - it would be great if there was someway we can copy and paste existing nodes.

For example, if I have a read prim attribute node, and I want to read several attributes from the same prim, it would be nice if I could copy the existing node that has the relationship for the prim, and paste it, and then simple click the attribute name drop-down to change the attribute I want to access.

Hi @daryl.dunlap.ohio! I spoke with the dev team and this is a VERY high priority for them to add to Action Graph. I’ve let them know about this post!

You can duplicate (ctrl+d) a node if that helps!

Thanks - Ctrl+D does indeed duplicate the selected Node with its current values intact.

Weird thing is, there doesnt seem to be anyway to discover this key mapping - hmm…well, I guess I could’ve looked into the key mapper settings…hehe…and tried to find something that works in ActionGraph.

Anyway, thanks as usual Wendy.

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