Could I uninstall CUDA 11.5 if I already have CUDA 11.6?

Hello all,

recently I played a lot with some AI project found on GitHub and this lead to some confusion. Untill 1 month ago I had CUDA 11.5 installed (and I was totally unaware of it, since Blender was working without complaining) but since I wanted to use PyTorch I had to install 11.3 or 11.6. I choosen the last one.

I also have many problems of space on disk. Can you imagine? All those Anaconda environments. NPM and all its packages (global and per project). Docker with several images and containers. My PC is exploding (I forgot to mention that it is a Windows 10 64bits) so I try to keep it as much as possible clean.

When I installed CUDA 11.6 I cannot say if the installare would have taken the responsibility to uninstall CUDA 11.5… Though, few minutes ago, exploring the Windows panel to uninstall applications I had this surprise. I have 11.5 and 11.6 of everything.

Can I uninstall CUDA 11.5?
And what about the CUDA Toolkit? I don’t develop CUDA applications, I just need the libraries for some applications like Blender and AI inference. Is CUDA Toolkit necessary? (I also Installed NVIDIA Omniverse)