#CREATEWITHMARBLES CONTEST: Marvelous Machines [June 15 - July 30]



Running from June 15 - July 30, enter the #CreateWithMarbles: Marvelous Machines contest to build your own racetrack-like contraption, let your marbles roll, and light and render a video in NVIDIA Omniverse™ for a chance to win an NVIDIA RTX A6000, GeForce RTX 3090, or GeForce RTX 3080.

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Read more about the contest in our blog post here: Creators Can Get the Ball Rolling in Latest NVIDIA Omniverse Design Challenge | NVIDIA Blog

PLEASE NOTE: Asset Mount
The asset Mount will be available in a few days. Please download the Zip file from the Registration Page.

PLEASE NOTE: 2K / 4K Asset Variants
There is a known 4K Texture Crash on RTX 20 series cards. The geometry loads but the 4k textures cause the crash. We have made a 2K texture version for the RTX 20 series GPUs. You can switch between 2K & 4K variants by using the Texture Size Variant Drop-down.

Questions about Animation?
This contest is about simulating physics using our latest PhysX 5 technology. No keyframed animations are allowed.

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Contest Rules and Guidelines


  • Keyframed assets that are provided in the asset pack can be used as such with key frames.
  • You can use and arrange the assets in any way you want and you can be as creative as you want, similarly to how previous contestants pushed the usage of existing assets to create something unique (previous contest winners)
  • You can create any lighting scenario you want ( even night time or artificial lights etc )
  • You can create the track/machine as long and as complex as you want as long as the final submission video is sped up so it’s not longer than 1 minute to watch for the judges
  • You can render the final video in either RT mode or PT mode render modes
  • Video Recording: PLEASE NOTE: The Quality of the runtime file will be evaluated as well as the recorded video.
    ** You can use any software you wish to record your video.
    ** Light post editing of the video is also allowed.

Not Allowed

  • You cannot add any keyframes yourself to the existing assets.
  • You cannot import external assets you’re meant to use only the provided assets.
  • The marbles are meant to move only with physics. You cannot keyframe animate the marbles in another DCC tool and then import the keyframe animation into Create.




Updated Bumper and Pusher Assets are now available for download. For New Contest entrants, these assets have been updated in the Full Download. For those using the older asset pack, you can download just the Updated Assets and replace them with the old Assets. Links to both options are listed below. (Links to both download options can also be found here: #CreateWithMarbles Contest in Omniverse Create | NVIDIA)

The new Bumper and Pusher assets require higher time steps than the default (240 instead of 60) in order to work properly

Bumper Asset Video

Pusher Asset Video

Hi everyone! A reminder that the deadline for your Marvelous Machines submission is Friday, July 30 at 6PM PDT. For a nice submission workflow demonstration from NVIDIA’s Jacob Norris, check out this video on our YouTube channel. We cannot wait to see them all!!!

REGISTER and see Official Rules.