CSI maximum acquisition resolution

hi bros:
Tegra X1 can capture the maximum resolution of the CSI is how much,Whether it can take 4096 × 3072 resolution video。

That depend on the sensor data type.
TX1 a channel can support 4 lanes per lane can run to 1.5G. You can check it.

Thank you for your answer
The data format is YUV444,Whether the TX1 can take 4096 × 3072 resolution video
Can you give me a successful example?

The data rate is resolution * frame rat * bits per pixel less than the MIPI clock.
4096x3072x30x24 must less than 1500000000 *4 *2
However TX1 CSI/VI not support YUV444, but YUV422 was good.

I want to transfer YUV444 as RGB888,With the original resolution.It’s OK?

TX1 VI is support RGB888 you can download the TRM to confirm it.