CSI2 Sensor device without driver using v4l2-ctl cmd or Applications

Hello All,

We connected the sensor device to CSI2 controller via mipi csi. In sensor device,
using a application (not V4l2 based application) configure the data format, resolutions and other details.

We want to configure the nvcsi and Vi controller details (data format, resolutions
and others) using v4l2-ctl command itself.

Then how to bind the sensor device in device tree, i.e. without binding the sensor device, will this work?

Without the sensor driver, can we capture the data via Mipi CSI port.

Please provide your inputs.


Sorry to tell not possible for it.

Which one is stopping this? Any Ideas?
In Device Tree, binding will be:
vi <–> csi <–> sensor device

This will changed to
vi <–> csi

No Sensor driver. Using applications, configure the Vi and Nvcsi controllers.


v4l2 need an video node to pass command to driver without sensor driver can’t generate video node for it.

Vi Driver (V4l2 device driver) creates/gives the details for the video node, not the sensor driver.
Nvcsi (V4l2 subdev driver ) is there.
For video node, why do we need the sensor driver?


Sure if you can move the video register to vi/nvcsi driver you can ignore the sensor driver.
However you need to modify the nvcsi/vi driver for it.

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