driver install with custom kernel 4.19 failure.

Hi there,
When I try to install the cuda 10.1 on x86_64 with kernel 4.19, I got many errors.
It seems to me the kernel version not matched with the driver, any comments.
INFO: /usr/local/flex_pkgs/diags/selfgz25522206/selfgz2605/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-41

INFO: 8.39/kernel/conftest/functions.h:24:2: error: #error acpi_walk_namespace()

INFO: conftest failed!

INFO: #error acpi_walk_namespace() conftest failed!

INFO: 8.39/kernel/conftest/functions.h:66:2: error: #error wait_on_bit_lock()

INFO: conftest failed!

INFO: #error wait_on_bit_lock() conftest failed!

INFO: from /lib/modules/4.19.59-rt24-alm-64-abl/build/include/linux/export.h:45,

INFO: from /lib/modules/4.19.59-rt24-alm-64-abl/build/include/linux/linkage.h:7,

INFO: from /lib/modules/4.19.59-rt24-alm-64-abl/build/include/linux/preempt.h:10,

INFO: error: unknown type name ‘__u16’

try a newer driver, such as the one that is included with the CUDA 10.1.243 installer (current/latest)

or else use a supported configuration as listed in the linux install guide

Thanks for your response, when I try 10.1.243 I got
[INFO]: Executing --ui=none --no-questions --accept-license --disable-nouveau --no-cc-version-check --install-libglvnd 2>&1
[INFO]: Finished with code: 256
[ERROR]: Install of driver component failed.
[ERROR]: Install of 418.87.00 failed, quitting

try disabling secure boot in the bios settings