is not working with Geforce 1060 (64 bit) driver 418.88 (available)

I am creating a CUDA setup for 10.1 update 2, latest release available and expected NVIDIA driver is 418.87. However while i tried to download driver i could able to get 418.88 and while trying to install, everytime exit with mismatch of driver version.

On the other hand in CUDA installation documentation of 10.1 update2 it is mentioned that even 418.87 and higher versions will be supported.

Please suggest if you found any workaround for same !!

Tht rather sounds like you’re using the wrong options on cuda install and uncleanly install one driver over another. Which distro are you using?

I am using latest CUDA distribution ( GPU Nvidia driver installed is 418.88 because 418.87 is not available for download in distribution. Herein as per documentation presumed 418.87 > version should work.

LINUX distribution.