Can't install anything but cuda 10.1 with driver version 430

I’ve been trying to roll back to cuda 10.0 with no success. I previously had Cuda 10.1 on my system, which had been installed using a runfile. I uninstalled it using the uninstall script. However, now whenever I try to install a different version of CUDA, I get Failed to initialize NVML: Driver/library version mismatch.

I have tried completely removing all versions of cuda and nvidia drivers using

sudo apt --purge remove nvidia-*
sudo apt --purge remove cuda*

Then I reinstalled just the driver to see if I could get nvidia-smi to work. However, if I install 410 or 418, I get the same error message. nvidia-smi only works if I install 430.

All I can think is that there are some files that were put in place by the runfile that never got removed and that’s corrupting my installation. I have been using .deb files to install cuda 10.0 and the ubuntu repository for the drivers.

I’m running ubuntu 18.04 and I have two rtx 2080ti.

Just keep your 430 driver that is working.

You can use CUDA 10.0 with it. Use the runfile installer method and select “no” when prompted to install the bundled driver - keep the 430 driver intact. It will work with CUDA 10.0

Also, the 430 driver will show a “CUDA Version” of 10.1 even if you install CUDA 10.0. That is OK.

If I try to do that, I get the message Failed to initialize NVML: Driver/library version mismatch

You’re doing it wrong, then.

Get your 430 driver working again. Make sure it works correctly after a reboot as well.

Then download the runfile installer for CUDA 10. When prompted to install the driver, select “no”. It will not disrupt your driver.

Thanks!! Works when I use the runfile. Does this mean I won’t be able to upgrade from 430?

You can upgrade from 430 to any driver you want. Any newer driver will also work with CUDA 10.

Hi, I followed the above steps of changing it to 430 drivers and installing Cuda 10.0 through .run file.

After installation of Cuda , Nvidia-smi is working fine, nvcc --version gives the Cuda version but when do device query its stating "./deviceQuery Starting…

CUDA Device Query (Runtime API) version (CUDART static linking) "

after this nothing happens, it returns nothing, terminal get stuck. Running docker images trough Nvidia-docker also have the issue

I’m running ubuntu 18.04 and have one V100