Upgrading to 430.86 with Cuda 10.0

Hello there.

In a fresh Linux Mint installation, I installed 430.26 drivers (last available). After that, I installed Cuda 10.0 with ‘sudo apt-get install cuda-10-0’ (10.1+ isn’t straight compatible with TF 1.13 at the moment), but it downgraded driver version to 418.87.

The question is, could/should I install now 430.26, or my best bet is to just let it be if I want to keep Cuda at 10.0?

Thanks for your time.

It probably doesn’t matter. Either driver (430.xx, 418.xx) will work with CUDA 10.0

For future reference, if you install cuda-toolkit-10-0 instead of cuda-10-0, it would leave your installed driver alone.

Oh, that’s it! Thanks a lot :)