Cuda 11.8 K40c K620 Ubuntu 22.04 HPz840

Hi there,

I have installed Cuda 11.8 on Ubuntu 22.04. However, It is working on K620 but not K40c. The lspci can see both cards but nvidia-smi is seeing K620 only. Thank you for your advice.


If you are using the driver contained in Cuda 11.8, you may want to try the latest k40c Tesla driver - 450.203.03.

I tried to click on additional driver and found 470. With 470, nvidia-smi is able to see both K40c and K620, with information CUDA version 11.4 on the right top corner. However, CUDA 11.8 is gone after that. Upon checking the archive of CUDA 11.4, the support is up to Ubuntu 20.04.

I downgraded OS, installed Ubuntu 20.04 and cuda 11.4. Tested running samples working ok!