Unable to get CUDA 11.0 to recognize Nvidia K5000 GPU on Ubuntu 20.04

I had my current hardware (Quadro K5000 Ubuntu 18.04 driver 450) working with Cuda 10.2. I upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 and Cuda version 10.2 is not supported, so I installed 11.0 (also tried all other versions above). I get the same error when running cuda, that it can’t recognize my GPU. I have tried with nvidia drivers 450, 455, and 460. Is there an issue with this video card/Ubuntu 20.04/Cuda 11.0+ combination that isn’t captured anywhere?

Thanks for your time.

K5000 is Compute 3.0 and Cuda 10.2 is the last version to support it. Cuda 11 is >= 3.5.