How to solve compatibility conflict of OS(Ubuntu 20.04) and GPU(Quadro T500)

I want to use keras and cuda on my device running with Ubuntu 20.04 and with a Nvidia Quadro T500 GPU.
According to the following links, my GPU capability only support cuda toolkit 10.0 which is not available for Ubuntu 20.04, but since I am using a work laptop, it is not so easy to just downgrade to 18.04.

Can anyone tell me how to solve that conflict?

Also (but not really important) I am wondering, why on the nvidia website they talk about cuda compatibility which shows 7.5 for my T500, when on the tensorflow website 7.5 seems to refer to the cuDNN version.

Quadro T500 is compute capability 7.5

That number doesn’t refer to CUDA version (a software version) cuDNN version (a software version) or any other software version. It is a GPU architectural family number.

That GPU is supported by all recent CUDA toolkits up through and including CUDA 12.3.

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Well, that is explaining a lot and great news. I was somehow misled because it was listed here under “2.1 verify that you have a CUDA-capable GPU”.

Thanks for the quick answer.