CUDA 2.3 support for GeForce 9M series


Sorry if this has been asked before, but I’m unable to install CUDA2.3 on the GeForce 9600M (512 MB) graphics card machine. I know the 9600 is supported by 2.3 but is 9600M also supported? When i install the 190.38 drivers, it says unable to find a compatible device. The 180.03 drivers installed fine though. Do I need to do something extra besides uninstallng the drivers or is 9600M unsupported?


Download the notebook drivers from nVidia’s web site. If these are not available or don’t work for you, get the latest desktop drivers and apply a “modded INF” file from the DesktopVideo2Go web site. You’ll find these in their forums, sorted by driver version and platform (XP, Vista, 32/64 bit).

I have 190.38 drivers running fine on my 9600M GT in a HP notebook.