Cuda 5.5 with OSX 10.9 not working, need help

I have installed Cuda 5.5 on OS 10.9 on my Macbook pro 17", together with Xcode 5 DP3.
After following the official guide from NVIDIA, I cannot make Cuda working.

When I run deviceQuery, I get the following error messages:

See attachment

I suspect this is a problem with clang, but do not know how to switch to gcc. Then,
I also installed llvm-gcc-4.2,
and tried creating a new directory /usr/mybin for sim links to gcc and g++,
also add to .bash_profile :

Then I created some very basic cuda code, and compile using command line argument like:

nvcc -o test

Still not working.

Can you help me to get Cuda working?
Or Cuda do not support OSX 10.9 yet?

Many Thanks!!!