CUDA 6.0 Will Support VS 2013 ?!?

Hello guys !
I have one simple question and another one which is optional and also simple. So…

1st. Will CUDA 6.0 support VS 2013 ?
2nd. And if the answer to the first question is “YES”, when is CUDA 6.0 comming out ?

I am asking these questions because I am going to prepare a project for a competition and I do not have much time… I have original VS 2013 and if CUDA 6.0 is comming out next week and it has VS 2013 support, there is no reason for me to mess up my Visual Studio licenses… While in the other hand if it is coming in April, it will be too late and I will will have to contact Microsoft to deal with some license stuff…

So, thank you in advance for your reply !

According to the document that comes with the RC download just released, it seems that it doesn’t support Visual Studio 2013.

This is very disappointing.