CUDA 9.2 runtime/driver version mismatch

I have CUDA 9.2.88 installed on Ubuntu 16.04.04 using the Debian packages from NVIDIA’s repo. When I query the CUDA runtime version via cudaRuntimeGetVersion, I get 9000; when I query the driver version via cudaDriverGetVersion, I get 9020. I also noticed that cufftGetVersion returns 9000. Is this discrepancy expected? Aside from version 396.26-0ubuntu1 of the NVIDIA driver package, I don’t have any other versions of on my system.

My motivation for asking is determining which version number to use for determining whether a certain feature is present; cufftSetCompatibilityMode was removed in CUDA 9.1 (see

cufftGetVersion() would typically match the version of your installed CUDA toolkit and runtime, as the toolkit comes bundled with cuFFT and the runtime libraries.

But you might need a compile-time version check to prevent using unavailable/deprecated API functions. The CUDART_VERSION #define might be the right one. The define would indicate 1000 x major + 10 x minor version, e.g. 7050 for CUDA toolkit 7.5