CUDA at G84-AGP card ? CUDA at G84-AGP card ??

I’ve learned recently that sometime in April nVidia is going to release an AGP-interfaced card with G84 graphics chip. It is going to be a VERY affordable solution with a price tag around 100 euro.

My question is as follows: Does this card support CUDA-based programming for general purpose computation?

To my mind this will greatly simplify the entrance for a new programmers as it represents a cheap testbed for initial designs. It appears that G84 will have 32 ALUs, 1/4 of the GTX flagman.


We can’t comment on unannounced products, but CUDA will be supported on all future GeForce 8 series and Quadro NVIDIA GPUs.

Sounds good. I guess the rumour came from here:
Nvidia plans DirectX 10 cards for AGP slot

Indeed, it was that article.

On the other hand a few days ago a counterstatement was made: :(

Here is another interesting question, IF and WHEN we’ll have a chance to see G8 family in MXM-interfaced cards?

The latter is not a pure curiosity. We now study the feasibility of porting of a certain computationally intensive pattern recognition application to GPU. It would be VERY beneficial to have a possibility to run it on a notebook.

Can you comment now? It’d be nice to be able to test CUDA development on an “inferior” platform. Are there any plans to make CUDA useful on older cards, or should we just find our own ways to access those GPU’s?

CUDA works on all GeForce 8 and later cards; earlier cards don’t have the hardware required to support the CUDA execution model.