CUDA code debugging

i would like to debug CUDA-files in Optix-Project.
At CUDA sample project all works good - i can set breakpoint in CUDA file and debug the file.
But at OptiX-project it does not work: i set the breakpoint and start CUDA debugging,
i recognize the message at breakpoint: “The breakpoint will not currently be hit. … Did you enable GPU debug information in your project?”
But i can not find the place to set debug information to enable in OptiX-project.
I can not find the “CUDA C/C++” issue, only “C/C++” issue, where are no issue
“Generate GPU debug information” (option -g).
How can i enable to generate debug information?

OptiX never supported CUDA or PTX source code debugging so far.
Main reason is that it doesn’t handle PTX code which is generated with debug flags -g or -G. It’s basically rewriting the PTX code and debug information in individual PTX input files would become meaningless.

You would need to use rtPrintf, rtThrow and exception programs to debug your code for now.

Thank you very much, Detlef,
it helps!