No debuginformation found for "optixTutorial.exe"


I’m new to Optix and trying to get it running for the first time.
Whenever i’m starting “optixTutorial.exe” or any other project, i get the message “No debuginformation found for “optixTutorial.exe”. Binaries not build with debuginformation.”

I’m using VS2013, Optix 4.1.0 and Cuda 8.0.61.

Please tell me if you need further information.

That should be unrelated to OptiX and would happen for any application built with a release target when starting it from within the Visual Studio debugger.

I’m assuming the application itself works anyway if you ignore that message or when starting directly from a command prompt or from within the Visual Studio debugger with Menu->Debug->Start Without Debugging (Ctrl+F5).

To get rid of the warning and to be able to debug through the OptiX SDK examples host code (*.c; *.cpp) you would need to build the SDK examples yourself with the Debug x64 target.

(Sidenote for your own projects later: Note that all PTX device code which is sent to OptiX for the different program domains should not contain debug information though (no nvcc -g or -G options). The CMake build scripts inside the OptiX SDK take care of that.)

Ok i tried this, but now the console tells me no supported NVidia GPU found but i’m working on an NVidia GeForce GTX 480.

That’s correct. The GTX 480 is over seven years old and OptiX 4.x doesn’t support the Fermi GPU architecture anymore.
This is described inside the OptiX Release Notes on the site where you downloaded OptiX from.
Release Notes are a mandatory read before setting up any development environment.

You would either need to downgrade to OptiX 3.9.1 and CUDA 7.5, but are then stuck at that version, or upgrade your GPU to a newer architecture.
The GTX 480 will be really slow for GPU ray tracing compared to more current GPU architectures.

Ok, thank you. Unfortunately i’m stuck to this GPU so i have to downgrade