OptiX and Nsight

Is it possible to debug OptiX PTX programs with Nsight?
OptiX fails with an assertion error if I try to include debug information into the PTX files.

Unknown error (Details: Function “_rtProgramCreateFromPTXFile” caught exception: Assertion failed: [983492])

Hi, Marco here.

If you head to the webpage https://developer.nvidia.com/optix-download and take a look at the OptiX 3.0.0 (the newest one while I’m writing this) Release Notes.pdf, there’s this passage which may help:

This is due to the fact that OptiX internally performs a complex compilation procedure in order to allow the programs to run seamlessly within the same engine.

TL;DR - I’m sorry but this feature is currently not yet supported. Stay tuned for further news. Nothing prevents you from “tweaking” your programs and arrange some unit testings for them manually although this requires a bit of work.