CUDA computing on NVIDIA ION

Hi there,

has anybody tried CUDA computing on Lenovo Ideapad S12?? If so, do you reccomend it??
I was thinking about starting CUDA programming on it since it will costs less than 400 Euros here in Italy and I was willing to buy a netbook.


Add me to the list of the interested. Extra credit if anyone gets linux running on one.

I have an Atom 330 based mini-itx system, which works suprisingly well, although compilation is very slow.

Colleague of mine has a macbook with ION and that one is doing CUDA in OSX.

Call me uninformed - but wasn’t the ION platform designed for Intel’s Atom CPUs?

So which Macbooks are Atom based?


As of some time that I don’t know, Ion = MCP79.

I built a small HTPC with a ZOTAC ION motherboard. The one with the dual-core N330 and built-in power supply. Though I built this thing to experiment with home theater and DVR issues, I’ve started experimenting with CUDA programming too. In the real world I develop software for simulation and 3D real-time visualization, so I wondered what I could do on such a little platform as compared to the workstations I normally work with. For its size and low power consumption, the ION platform is rather amazing.

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Yeap, I imagine - maybe they should get that cuda-accelerated. :)

I’ve just had a contest idea based on that platform. Posted it in the Contest forum in the suggestions thread.

What does the devicequery example report for the Ion Processor? I can’t find the specs.

I have Point Of View 330 mini-ITX ION mother board, and it work well, the compilation is slower than on a i7, but the power consumption is very low (between 20 an 22Watt with 3 Hard disk).

The GPU is similar of an 9300M (with faster clocks).

Here’s the output of deviceQuery on an Ion system (an Acer Revo):

Device 0: "ION"

  CUDA Driver Version:						   2.30

  CUDA Runtime Version:						  2.30

  CUDA Capability Major revision number:		 1

  CUDA Capability Minor revision number:		 1

  Total amount of global memory:				 268435456 bytes

  Number of multiprocessors:					 2

  Number of cores:							   16

  Total amount of constant memory:			   65536 bytes

  Total amount of shared memory per block:	   16384 bytes

  Total number of registers available per block: 8192

  Warp size:									 32

  Maximum number of threads per block:		   512

  Maximum sizes of each dimension of a block:	512 x 512 x 64

  Maximum sizes of each dimension of a grid:	 65535 x 65535 x 1

  Maximum memory pitch:						  262144 bytes

  Texture alignment:							 256 bytes

  Clock rate:									1.10 GHz

  Concurrent copy and execution:				 No

  Run time limit on kernels:					 No

  Integrated:									Yes

  Support host page-locked memory mapping:	   Yes

  Compute mode:								  Default (multiple host threads can use this device simultaneously)