CUDA & CUDNN version for GEforce GT 540M GPU

hello everyone

would anyone help me please to find the correct CUDA & CUDNN versions for my computer. because i read so many documents and threads but didnot find a very clear answer. my computer info:

model: Dell XPS L502X
GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GT 540M
OS: windows 10 professional 64
RAM: 16 GB

what CUDA version i should install?
what CUDNN version i shold use?

thank you

That is quite an old GPU, with Compute Capabilty 2.1. As such, the last Cuda Toolkit to support it was Cuda 8 and the last version of cuCNN for Cuda 8, is 7.1.4 here.

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yah it old but i am using it only for learning

tahnk you for the information