Cuda decoding for 8K h264 or h265 video for Jetson?

I want to decode 8K video (in h264 or h265/hevc) on my Jetson TX2.

The video stream is 7680x4320 (8K resolution).

If I build a version of FFmpeg that uses the dedicated video decoder hardware, I get an error message saying:

NVDEC_TVMR: Given resolution 7680 x 4352 not supported, Max supported resolution is 4096 x 4096

So I assume it’s impossible to decode 8k video with the dedicated hardware. But how about using the GPU for it?

Nvidia has GPU decoders for both h264 and h265 for the Pascal architecture (see e.g. ), but are these available for Jetson?

When I try to build ffmpeg with “–enable-nvdec” or “–enable-cuvid”, I get the message:

ERROR: nvdec requested, but not all dependencies are satisfied: ffnvcodec

Is it possible to satisfy this dependency on a Jetson TX2?

Even if there’s no official release, is there any hope for getting this to work?

8K video decoding is not supported on TX2, please check

You may consider to use Xavier:

Hi DaneLLL. Thanks for the tip that Xavier would support this. I understand that the hardware video decoder on the TX2 does not support 8K.

My hope was to use the GPUs general purpose compute capability to help with the decoding. For example, I can decode on the CPU just fine (although much slower than real time). It would be nice to use the GPU to speed this up, even if it wouldn’t reach real time. However, looking into the docs, it seems like NVDECODE relies on specific hardware units in any case, so perhaps this can’t be done.

Just to be sure, could you confirm specifically that the decoding software can’t use the GPU in such a way, i.e. decoding with general purpose instructions without relying on the hardware decode units?

Video decoding through GPU is enabled in Video Codec SDK, which is for desktop GPUS and not enabled on Jetson platforms. FYI.

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