CUDA documentation project please help put together everything there is


I am putting together a single (rather large) searchable file with EVERYTHING I have been able to find

in the way of descriptive documentation of the variety of things we find in the SDK code samples.

Even so, for example, I am being prevented from acting the part of the honest craftsman by the lack of any such description
of things like CheckRender. And I can’t find “cutComparefet” ANYWHERE except in the source code for rendercheck.

I abhor blind copying of example code without knowing what it does, what its arguments/parameters mean, etc.

PLEASE ADD to this list, anything you know about: any documentation that has been useful for you.

When I get the huge file all done, and after asking for permission from the various authors, I’ll be putting this together as class materials
for teaching purposes, and, depending a bit on the restrictions imposed by authors, I will share it with you.

If I can’t share the file, at least we’ll ALL have a list of ALL the docs ANY of us have found.

The NVSG people are asking for feedback, and I’m trying to tap into that willingness, to get whatever I can get out of nvidia.


reference manual
programming guide
compiler driver nvcc
best practices guide
release notes
openGL mini - how-to

ALL THE FOLDERS that come with the toolkit

GL folder
dynlink folder
some stuff from /SDK/C/common/inc about cutil
CUVID folder

ONLINE SOURCES for GL & GLUT…anual/index.xml for GL and GLUT…pec3/spec3.html for GLUT


like the general FAQ