CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version ERROR, but my version is right...


Can somebody please explain what I’m supposed to do here?
It makes zero sense to me…

Thanks in advance.

There’s usually a couple possibilities

  1. Your driver install is broken
  2. Your TF is using a CUDA version that is newer than what you have installed yourself. This is possible depending on how you installed TF.

What you should do is:

  1. verify your CUDA install. You don’t do that by running a really complex application like TF. You do that by following the instructions in the CUDA linux install guide.

  2. Verify the version of CUDA that your TF is using or expects to use. This can usually be discovered simply based on the TF version, but if you installed TF from a non-standard place, then you’ll need to figure that out.


So I guess I should be fine if I simply install a more recent driver then?
If the problem comes from me having several CUDA installs, I might as well keep the most recent one…

yes, you can install a recent driver. You can still verify the CUDA install after that is done