CUDA Install & TensorFlow

Good morning, I want to install the GPU-based version of TF2 on my laptop, but I need to install CUDA drivers first. My GPU is a GeForce 920M, so I was wondering which version of CUDA fits my requirements.
I presume, that it is not possible to install the last version of CUDA since my GPU is quite old, on the other side I’m afraid that TF2 requires a CUDA version which is too new for my GPU.
Summarizing I’d like to know if I can use TF2 on GeForce 920M an in case which kind of driver should I install.

I do have two other questions:-

  1. Can you provide me a guide about the installation of CUDA drivers? I have tried a few on internet but never with success.
  2. I’m also considering the docker version, which seems much easier to install. Are there differences in performances between the common version and the docker one? and if so, are they significant?

Thank you for your kind attention and patient.
Best regards.
Giovanni Paolinelli.