Tensorflow-GPU on CUDA 9.2

I have installed the latest version of Driveworks SDK alongside with CUDA 9.2 and CuDNN 7.1.2.

I have followed the instructions on the FAQ section on installing Tensorflow on the Drive PX2, but since the file is based on CUDA 9.0 i’m having problems importing it.

Is there a way to install Tensorflow (w/GPU support) on the Drive PX2(w/CUDA 9.2)?

Dear dreamingwear13,
There is no prebuilt TensorFlow package for CUDA 9.2. You need to build from source. Please follow the Aasta’s comments in this thread https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/998005/driveworks/installation-of-tensorflow-on-drive-px/post/5320371/#5320371