Tensorflow Docker Container with DriveInstall 5.0

We installed the Tensorflow Docker Container on a newly flashed Drive PX-2. We used the new DriveInstall 5_0_5_0 which ships Cuda 9.0 by default.
The Tensorflow Docker-Container shipped by Nvidia needs Cuda 8 for running TensorFlow.
How can we solve this? Is there a new version of this Docker-Container available for the new DriveInstall version? Are there repositories where we can download cuda 8?

The error-message when importing Tensorflow in Python3 is:
ImportError: libcudart.so.8.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Thank you for your help in advance!

Felix, I’m sorry the Docker container is not working for you. We recently discovered this problem (issue 2036225) but have not yet developed a solution.

Is there an estimate of when this will be fixed? And is it possible to view the progress on given issues like the one you listed above, kathy?

And is it possible to use wheel files like this: https://github.com/mind/wheels/releases/tag/tf1.4-gpu-cuda9

Hello Dedrik, you asked about monitoring the progress on NVIDIA issues. I suggest you ask your NVIDIA representative whether that is an option.

Also, I hope someone else will comment on your wheel file question.

Ok, I will do that. Thank you for your quick answer!

EDIT: Managed to post the reply twice

I am having the same issue. Any updates on how to fix it?

Hello all

Please refer to this threat: