Cuda installation issues with nvidia sdkmanater

Currently running cuda latest 11.6.0-1 on Ubuntu 18.04, which is working fine, but when I loaded the nvidia sdkmanager to work on a jetson nano image it tried to apt install cuda-toolkit-10-2 and failed and left a bit of a mess in my apt repository. Even a sudo apt --fix-broken install failed to correct issues.

After a lot of messing I found to uninstall everything I had to run

sudo apt remove cuda-toolkit-10-2 cuda-libraries-dev-10-2 cuda-samples-10-2 cuda-documentation-10-2 cuda-visual-tools-10-2 cuda-tools-10-2

The error I kept getting was trying to overwrite '/usr/include/cublas.h', which is also in package nvidia-cuda-dev

So a sudo apt remove nvidia-cuda-dev I then managed to to re run sdkmanager and installed cuda toolkit and it seems happy now (at least until I need nvidia-cuda-dev as that won’t reinstall.

Anyway, hopefully the above helps if someone struggles with sdkmanager conflicts on Ubuntu 18.04