CUDA man pages not readable?

Are there readable versions of CUDA man pages (or some equivalent reference) anywhere? The version I have installed (which I think should be 4.0, though the cuda/docs/README.txt says 3.1) produces a bunch of jumbled text. That is, doing “man cudaMalloc” produces about 1000 lines that’s made up of chunks of text apparently describing all the different memory management functions, but with no headers or calling sequences to say which text goes to what function.

I’d really like man page format, because my editor can do a man on any function name, and I can read & copy from the man text to the code I’m working on, whereas (AFAIK) there’s no way to get a pdf reader to open the CUdaReferenceManual.pdf at a specified function.

From what I could find out, man pages were broken in CUDA 3.1 and the CUDA 3.2 release candidates. It appears what you are looking at are these outdated and defective man pages.

Man pages were removed, and all documentation was moved to PDF files available with the release from version 3.2 onwards. As an alternative to man pages you could try the online documentation:

Thanks for the reply. The on-line docs don’t really serve my purpose: what I want is to be able to quickly reference a specific function from within an editor, as for instance if I need to check the calling sequence for say cudaMalloc. I can’t think of any way of doing this with HTML that wouldn’t be a major coding project.

I hope you’ll consider bringing back the man pages. It shouldn’t be too hard to auto-generate them from whatever source the PDF & HTML versions are created from, should it?