Cuda | Nvidia | Windows 11 | Tensorflow <--- GPU is False

I believe someone didin’t finished work. I have installed all things but GPU is not found in Docker, Conda, Pycharm, CMD… I tried to uninstall all things incl. tons of microsoft visual packages, compilers and everything.
To lounch CUDA with Tensorflow we need to make a frankenstein. We need to config enviroments on W11, install tons of unknown things like bazel and similar shit, download CuDNN files and put them in the right folders, do things that don’t seem like we’re living in the 21st century.

Nviadia RTX3060.
Python 3.10.10
TF 2.13.0-dev20230324
Bazel 8+
Cuda 12.1
GCC, Bazel, CuDNN - Newest

Spend two days, frankenstein not moving. Cuda should be installed with one click. All of you are fault for terible experience for thousands of users for many years.

I found it was helpful to follow the process of installing

  1. Install the “right” version of CUDA for the tensorflow you are using. On win11, you need to stay under 2.10 (Install TensorFlow with pip).
  2. Once installed (it took around 30 mins and I had to uninstall Frameview SDK to get moving). Copy all the Cudann files into the directory where you installed Cuda.
  3. verify with nvcc --version

The whole process took me 1.5 hrs.