Cuda on my 2 gpu


My config is the following:
Proc: E6750@3.6
Motherboard: P5N-E SLI
4GB Ram
Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 275 and a 8800 gts 512

I would like to use Cuda on the two graphics card, but cuda work only on my gtx 275.
can anyone explaint me how to enable cuda on my 8800 gts plz.

You should call cudaSetDevice (int device) function to set device to be used for GPU executions.

Question: Have you tried running an actual CUDA app that supports multi-GPU’s, or just thinking that it doesn’t support CUDA due to GPU-z?

My GTX 280 Dedicated PhysX processor looks like this in GPU-z:

Note the CUDA box does not have a check mark.

None the less, when I run a CUDA app that uses the Optix libraries, which does support multi-GPU’s, my 280 is indeed used by the app.

You may just have a wrong impression due to GPU-z?

Further, Direct Compute apps that support Multi-GPU’s also use my 280 successfully.