GeForce 8800GTS with GeForce 7200GS Is this configuration okay

I want to install two graphics cards in my computer running Windows Server 2003. I will install a Geforce 8800GTS strictly for CUDA programming and a GeForce 7200GS for video. They both use the same driver and the BIOS allows me to select which is primary video. Both will connect to a PCIe X16 slot. I’m using the driver 178.24.

Will this configuration be a problem, or will it work?

Is there anything I have to do special to install the CUDA software so program calls made to CUDA will go to my 8800?

Do I have to worry about the timer issue or is that fix in the 178.24 driver?

I appreciate your time.


Should work fine. Make sure you use 178.28 because that has the watchdog timer fix.

I currently have a similar setup:

7800GTX for video and 8800GT for just doing CUDA stuff. In XP I have the 7800+associated monitor set as primary device and it all works beautifully.
Personally I prefer the driver with the watchdog timer issue in it as if you do make an error in a kernel at least you can regain control eventually. But then my kernels dont execute for longer than a few ms at a time.

One thing I have noticed which is fairly obvious is that your frame rate drops in the above setup - because the buffer/gfx have to be copied over the pci bus from the one card to the other for display. But its not a huge drop - for me about 4 or 5 fps.

What video cards/chipsets would be supported in a system with only one PCI Express slot and multiple PCI slots? I want to have a GTX 260 for CUDA in the PCIe slot, and another card in one of the PCI slots. I’ll be using either XP 32-bit or Server 2003 32-bit.

Hi !
I’m beginning with CUDA and I have some questions :

  • Need I have 2 boards, 1 for CUDA and another for normal video ?
  • I have a 8800GT and current Nvidia driver. Will CUDA driver slowdown graphics when playing games ?

Thanks in advance.