Existing Video card + GEFORCE GPU card

Here a newbie question

I use a ACER M3100 GE 7Z computer (ATI RADEON X1250) with 1 PCIEx16 free slot, 1PCIEx1 free slot, 1 PCI free slot
OS : OEM Windows VISTA Home Premium
Is it possible to keep this RADEON video card working and add a GEFORCE 9600 GT for GPU CUDA use only ?

Thanks for your help

Not under Vista–there’s a limitation that all GPUs must come from the same vendor in that OS.

I have a similar question, I’m using a GTX 260 to do single and double precision floating point work. I want to keep using some flavour of Windows (XP Pro 32 bit or Server 2003 32 bit) but at the same time I want to get around the 5-second Windows watchdog timer. I have a spare 8500GT PCIe card, and an old 8MB non-nVidia PCI card. Problem is, the motherboard in the computer only has one PCIe slot, which is being used by the GTX 260.
I tried at one point to get the PCI card to work with the GTX but it didn’t seem to go too well, even with the Windows desktop completely running on the PCI card, I was still running into the 5 second timer, and kernels that took a long time to run crashed the system. Was I not setting up something properly or do both cards need to be CUDA capable? Do I need to buy a new motherboard with 2 or more PCIe slots?