how can i use 2nd devices?

i have a 9600gt and a gtx285 on my computer
both graphics cards work when connect to a monitor

but if shutdown 1 of them, only use 1 card for display
the DeviceQuery.exe only return 1 CUDA supported device
and i checked the return value of cudaGetDeviceCount(), it does return 1 not 2

my intension is to avoid the watchdog problem on windows
so I wanna use 9400gt as primary graphics card.
and gtx285 only for CUDA,how can i get it actived without connecting to a monitor?

I have met such problem before when I got an Alienware Laptop with 2 GTX280M.

According to my experience, Only one of them will work in Vista and Windows 7; but both will work if you use WinXP or any kind of distribution of linux. so which operating system are you using?

thank for reply

yeah…i’m using windows 7

maybe i should go back to win xp