Running CUDA on a secondary adapter Unable to run CUDA in Windows 7 with secondary NVIDIA GeForce ad


I’ve been trying to run a CUDA program on a remote computer which has Windows 7 installed. The GPU is GeForce GTX 480. One of the problems I’ve been facing is that, the computer has two adapters,

  1. Standard VGA Adapter
  2. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480

Even though this shows in the device manager. The desktop uses the standard VGA Adapter. I’m assuming this is because the Standard VGA is the primary adapter. Also the device manager shows that the monitor is connected to the standard VGA Adapter. In this scenario if i try to run any CUDA application it fails to recognise a CUDA capable device.

Is it necessary for the NVIDIA adapter to be the primary one? Or is there any way to use CUDA when the graphics card is a secondary adapter. I’ve seen a few posts on this before, one suggests using another low cost NVIDIA card as the primary, but that is currently not an option. I couldn’t find any other solutions.


Which driver and which Cuda version are you using?
I used to have the same problem even with 2 nvidia cards. The card with no monitor attached would not be available. At the time my workaround was to attach a second monitor.
That issue disappeared recently with either a driver or cuda update. Sorry I can’t be more specific but I didn’t realize it had been fixed since I was running with 2 monitors.

I am having a similar problem. I have a new gtx580 and a 9500GT is my primary card. The gtx580 shows up as standard vga no matter what I do. Even when using the consumer driver for the 500 series instead of the latest dev driver. dead in the water here.

dcbarton: I think you have a different problem. There isn’t a unified driver that supports both the gtx580 AND the 9500GT.
Once it comes out (probably soon), your problem should disappear.